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DTS Floating


The engineering of the Double tray system combined with the use of the appropriate material, give the product the ability to float on water.

The floating tray is being used in many different countries by a number of growers and is proven it to be ideal for the development of seedlings in water beds.  

Except, premature growth, healthier and stronger root system and easy extraction of the plants, the floating tray does not allow the formation of algae on it.



SEKE SA was founded in 1947 and is one of the most recognizable tobacco processing companies in the Balcans.

Trials were successful and the system was commercially adopted by SEKE since then.

The Double Tray System was successfully tested in 54 locations in 7 different countries always with the same tremendous results!

In every floating application the DTS proved to be not just a substitute to the Styrofoam trays but with a number of very significant advantages.


  • Floating Double Tray System behaves perfectly on the water beds verifying its floating characteristics.

  • Plants show premature growth vs. plants in the traditional tray.

  • Roots are not damaged in any case.

  • Extraction of the plants from the tray is very easy.

  • Disinfection procedure for the base tray, which will remain to the green house in order to be reused, is much quicker and simpler. A big number of trays can be dipped together (small volume) and the glossy finish of the tray makes disinfection more effective.

  • The top tray will leave with the plants for the field. After their use, they can be recycled. If the top trays will be treated with a relative care, and the grower chooses so, they can be returned to the green house to be disinfected and reused.

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