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Ensuring plant quality, cost effectiveness, 100% eco-friendly approach

One of the major problems today, in our fight against pollution, is the protection of the environment from the Expanded Polystyrene waste created in many industry sectors.

In the Greenhouse vegetable seedlings propagation for more than 40 years, Expanded Polystyrene trays are used extensively, despite their damaging impact on the environment (only 1% is recycled globally, most of it is damped or burned).

The “Double Tray System” offers more economical, more productive and 100% ecological propagation.

Ina Plastics’ Double Tray System (DTS) provides an innovative solution in the fields of propagation and hydroponics. This revolutionary product consists of a top tray for sowing, transplanting plugs and cuttings, and a bottom tray that provides support when suspended on propagation rails. The base tray implements perfectly on the top tray, providing a flawlessly rigid system.


Based on its smart engineering and way of use, it should be considered as the superior alternative of the EPS tray. It has numerous benefits compared to the EPS (better productivity and logistics, as well as lower price per use) and none of its disadvantages, as it produces better, healthier plants.


It has been already incorporated in most seedling companies in Greece and numerous well known propagators around the world, helping them achieve better results in terms of production, quality and cost. The product comes in different sizes and cell-count configurations.


“Maybe the only case where protecting the environment costs less”

Bottom tray


The combination of these two trays (top and bottom) makes an inflexible system. The outer shape of the system is compatible with all the sowing or transplanting automatic lines which are using expanded polystyrene trays. The surrounding wall keeps excess substrate away from the system during the filling stage and also provides a smooth surface  for printing crop information that is essential for production management. Double tray system is impenetrable from roots, so no anchoring on cell walls occurs and plant extraction is easy with no root damage. The plant extraction can also be done through the drain holes with an extractor or by hand. The trays stack perfectly in one another thus keeping very low transport and storage cost.


  • 30% lower cost per use compared to the traditional trays

  • 20% more plants

  • 12% faster plant growth

  • 90% less storage space required from the traditional trays

  • Does not damage the roots of plants

  • Disinfection is simple and the most economical

  • The base tray of the system can be used up to 8 times (2 years)

  • 100 % ecological solution, both trays are recyclable

Top tray - plan view
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